Lives in Transition

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Lives in Transition LGBTQ Serbia By Slobodan Randjelović “In these beautiful, haunting images, Slobodan Randjelović takes us deep into the lives of individuals struggling for human rights—to live freely and to be treated with dignity. Powerful, raw, and deeply moving, the images show us people whose voices society has tried to […]


  —PETER GALASSI, former chief curator of photography. The Museum of Modern Art   Revealing Selves | Kike Arnal OUT | Maciek Nabrdalik The Kids | Gabriela Herman Edges of the Rainbow | Michel Delsol & Haruku Shinozaki Delhi: Communities of Belonging | Sunil Gupta & Charan Singh Pride and Joy | Jurek Wajdowicz Five […]

Revealing Selves

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Revealing Selves Transgender Portraits from Argentina By Kike Arnal “Kike Arnal has done it again. As with his previous book Bordered Lives, about trans people in Mexico, in Revealing Selves Arnal’s lens frames the daily lives of trans people in Argentina with honesty and compassion. He has a gift for capturing […]


AmazonBarnes & Noble   OUT LGBTQ Poland By Maciek Nabrdalik “Maciek Nabrdalik is a true visionary. He sees to the heart of the matter. He takes reality and turns it around, creating something new, a space of freedom and light. There are memories, emotions, tragedies that emerge out of darkness, there is beauty, love and […]


AmazonBarnes & Noble   THE KIDS The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA By Gabriela Herman “In this book of powerful photographs and moving texts, Gabriela Herman traces the reality of gay families in America: who the kids are, how they think of their parents, what they look like. It’s a testament to diversity, […]

Edges of the Rainbow.

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Edges of the Rainbow LGBTQ Japan By Michel Delsol & Haruku Shinozaki “The exquisite humanity in this book transcends all 
geographical and cultural difference to show us what is 
universal in ourselves, and germane to place. A triumph of insight and heart.”—Hilton Als, staff writer for the New Yorker and a […]

Five Bells.

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Five Bells Being LGBT in Australia By Jenny Papalexandris “These poetic and deeply personal portraits tell the stories of people in the LGBT community in their many interconnecting roles: as sons and daughters and mothers and lovers, as musicians and artists and students, as people alone yet part of the human […]

Bordered Lives.

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Bordered Live Transgender Portraits from Mexico By Kike Arnal “Photography can make a powerful contribution to the spread of tolerance simply by making people visible to each other. That is just what Bordered Lives does, without fuss or frills.”—Peter Galassi, former chief curator of photography, The Museum of Modern Art   […]

Lyudmila & Natasha.

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Lyudmila and Natasha Russian Lives By Misha Friedman “Misha Friedman’s soulful collection of gorgeous portraits and fly-on-the-wall reportage pulls you in slowly, invites you to linger, and leaves you dying of curiosity to know more about these two women in love, living in a perplexing country where even the most banal […]

Pride & Joy.

AmazonBarnes & Noble   Pride & Joy Taking the Streets of New York City By Jurek Wajdowicz “Captures the five-alarm sensory blast that is the NYC Gay Pride March.”—Kate Clinton   “Pride and Joy is both an exuberant portrait of Pride, and a celebration of New York City. Jurek Wajdowicz’s rich collage of individual portraits […]