The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA

By Gabriela Herman

“In this book of powerful photographs and moving texts, Gabriela Herman traces the reality of gay families in America: who the kids are, how they think of their parents, what they look like. It’s a testament to diversity, inclusion, and integrity, a book full of both pride and introspection, an important document for our time.”—Andrew Solomon, author of Far from the Tree
“Here, in Gabriela Herman’s amazing collection of photographs and their companion stories, are our sons and daughters, in all their complex, contradictory, celebratory splendor. Inspiring, meditative, and heartfelt, The Kids shows our children for the precious souls they are, and extols the glories of their diverse, human families.”—Jennifer Boylan, author of She’s Not There and Long Black Veil

Gabriela Herman is an editorial and commercial photographer who specializes in portrait, travel, and lifestyle work around the globe. Her personal work has received attention in outlets such as the New York Times, The Guardian, Wired, and The Atlantic and been exhibited worldwide. She holds dual American and Brazilian citizenship and, when not on the road, is based in Brooklyn, New York.


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