Lives in Transition

LGBTQ Serbia

By Slobodan Randjelović

“In these beautiful, haunting images, Slobodan Randjelović takes us deep into the lives of individuals struggling for human rights—to live freely and to be treated with dignity. Powerful, raw, and deeply moving, the images show us people whose voices society has tried to silence. Their courage, strength, and resilience in the face of violence and hatred is an inspiration.”—Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American 
Civil Liberties Union
“In Lives in Transition, Slobodan Randjelović has captured brilliantly the dignity and complexity of LGBTQ individuals and their daily existence in Serbia. It is a revelation without compare that translates the lived experience with honesty, bravery, and beauty.”—Darren Walker, president of 
the Ford Foundation

Lives in Transition is much more than a collection of pretty pictures. It’s a moving and empowering form of activism that forces us, the viewers, to do more than passively watch. We must listen to subjects speaking back to us, sharing their truths, their resilience and their collective power and community oppressed by a government unwilling to listen to their wants, their needs. A native son on a homecoming mission, Slobodan Randjelović does the work of a true artist, provoking us to feel and take action.” —Janet Mock, bestselling author of Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty
Slobodan Randjelović is a Serbian-born architect currently working in New York City. He is also a photographer and passionate supporter of LGBTQ rights, environmental conservation, and the performing arts.


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