Dark Tears

LGBTQ Resilience in Latin America

By Claudia Jares

In Dark Tears, award-winning Argentinian photographer and performance artist Claudia Jares takes her lens to the reality of queer experience in Argentina, Venezuela, and across Latin America, exploring questions of sexuality, religion, and identity with the raw eroticism that is the hallmark of her style. Here she tells the stories of a number of people struggling to come to terms with their identity in a region that, despite much progress in LGBTQ rights in recent years, still moves to a strongly conservative Christian heartbeat that condemns same-sex relations and reveres the institution of the heteronormative family.


Born in Argentina, Claudia Jares relocated during the military dictatorship to Boston in her late teens. A major exhibition was curated on her work in Italy in 2014 at dirartecontemporary 2.0 gallery.

Silver Medal in Graphis Photography Annual 2020


Busker magazine | May 17, 2022

Konbini Arts | December 23, 2020

DAZED | May 29, 2019

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